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"The illness" Kanye day before West and into the intense work, but this time he photographed kissing in the office of a new shoes. This shoe body is no three stripes and Adidas Logo, or even Boost with slow epicenter bottom, presumably this new work should belong to the exclusive property of YEEZY. This design uses a non symmetrical, the shoe body formed by suspected suede with breathable mesh material, also equipped with thick soles. kanye-we cheap jordan shoes for men st-yeezy-runner.jpg (91.25 KB, download number: 3) download Kanye West Yeezy Runner Pro new running shoes 2017-1-7 08:56 upload kanye-west-yeezy-runner-1.jpg (65.22 KB, download number: 3) download Kanye West Yeezy Runner Pro new running shoes 2017-1-7 08:56 Kanye West Yeezy Runner upload, 00 two doctors in southern India science and technology center in Chennai, heel generator by walking and vibration pressure creates a weak Retro jordans for sale power supply, can be installed in the in sole light, in the dark light around the pedestrian pavement, increase walking safety, is said to be more suitable for rescue workers, miners and climbers use. according to Central News Agency reports, Parry Kumar and Abraham two doctors 9, told the media that the research inspired every day to hear women wearing high heels on a slate of walking sound, if you can every day from morning to night on cheap jordans for sale mens the heels of leg muscles as the energy, that can benefit many human. Kumar said the idea is simple, making more simple. The main is to see children's shoes manufacturers in heel. So decided to research and develop a generator in the heel that could generate electricity by itself. he said, as long as every step, will actuate the device in a small generator heel, weak power, can be stored in small cell attached, when you want to use in the cheap foamposites dark corner of the night or when the start switch can be used. Kumar said, the power supply device to a lamp in the sole or light emitting device, when the night walking around can illuminate the road, can also be the power switch to heel with portable electronic equipment. Abraham also added that more suitable for rescue workers, miners, climbers, in addition, also can be arranged in a ladder on the stairs, when set foot on the ladder, th Cheap air jordans for sale e pressure will start the generator and produce electricity, light is light hidden ladder edge, even the light of the whole)although the contract with the adidas shoe has expired, the renewal of the problem remains to be discussed, but Wall J 2 new color is still not affected. Recently released the & quot; XENO" color appears once more physical details of the plan, black shoes match symphony of vamp, but unlike other "xeno" is j wall 2 not so d Retro jordans for sale azzling, the overall is still quite low. Source: kicksonfireRick Owens in Paris Fashion Week earlier on the topic can be a lot, in addition to clothing, the catwalk during a model more sudden protest, the consequences of doing so on the catwalk, it is ushered Rick Owens fist pain. Recently Rick Owens in "SURFACE" interview also responded to the matter, he said was very angry, if they do not immediately respond to the matter, people probably thi cheap jordans for sale nk it was a catwalk event hype, This is his acting style is too much conflict, so he must do something immediately to clarify the incident. Related interviews, you are interested friends can visit "SURFACE" the official website to not know from when to rise, the domestic mountain circle began to pop up this idea: buy mountain shelf must be small. Frame smaller rides more flexible and easy to control. I have been convinced to buy M ridi Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ng frame. Until I ride a L shelf, only 5 minutes, I realized that his former idea is completely wrong: you buy a small frame. Not that small, naturally should buy big. Some people will say, of course, to buy a big tall frame. Indeed, the frame size and stature are related, but more important is a long misconception needs to be corrected. I have seen more than 180 of the height of riding a shelf No. S, the whole body was curled up in the car, he Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping should also think so. Mountain frame size traditional still by the highway, only on the seat tube length to distinguish, but with the continuous development of technology, the Middle Ages out of date. A large number of frame, not only the seat tube becomes higher, more important is that the lateral length also increased. The influence of the lateral length on the control is much greater than the height of the seat tube, but it is also the most cheap jordans online easily overlooked point. in recent years, the international trend of mountain frame design is more and more long. 2012, Mondraker launched a new size design concept forward geometry (striker geometry), to break the traditional, the frame front triangle length increased by 60mm, and paired with 10mm ultrashort made, so although shelf change greatly, but and the traditional frame collocation 70mm long made compared, driver sitting did not alter the basic, but changes brought about by the frame is very big. is the most obvious change is the front position closer to the top of the track, change. According to Mondraker design is several benefits: 1. Greater track to improve the riding stability; 2. Front wheel climbing more easily affixed to live the ground to, downhill more stable; 3. More is not easy to roll forward; 4. The stand becomes short, handlebar rotation angle also when a shorter distance, sense of control is more sensitive. 2013, GT DH Fury with a new car pose new design Atherton and help. The old and new shelf front triangle length ratio, also increased, many people do not understand. Kyrgyzstan (Gee Atherton) He Ruiqiu (Rachel Atherton) two siblings riding this puzzling car, respectively, before the world cup champions with two stations in the next 13 years, proves that the new design of the outstanding effect. After , the frame of almost all mainstream brands have started to grow. To this year, has not seen the "short" frame, it is used as "super long size". This design is a great progress in the history of the mountain bike. The front and rear wheel axis position and the body center of gravity (probably in abdomen) can be connected into a triangle, the triangle is flat, the more stable the method including the height (the seat tube) or lower bottom 〉

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