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Milan international shoes exhibition "phase" Shanghai, the first global exhibition opened in April, "" One of the three major professional shoes world exhibition Milan international shoes exhibition (the MICAM) will be the first exhibition brand to expand overseas, the first is the only exhibition - Shanghai International Footwear Exhibition (the MICAM Shanghai) will be located in Shanghai, in April this year, 9-11 in Shanghai Exhibition Center Grand opening. By then, the Shanghai international footwear exhibition will bring a world class shoe festival. This is also the first large-scale international high-end shoes brand group "advance" the Chinese market. The exhibition will Cheap air jordans for sale be co sponsored by the national Footwear Manufacturers Association of Italy (ANCI), the Milan Italy exhibition company and the Hannover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., ltd.. "China has many shoe exhibitions, and many international shoes show in China, but most of them come from the local market.". Shanghai international footwear exhibition is a comprehensive introduction, based on deep Chinese market, the successful experience of transplantation of its parent exhibition Milan international footwear exhibition, from high-end shoe-making process Italy to China." Hannover Milan Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. Fu Yu, general manager of the road. "The first exhibition will have mor cheap jordan shoes for men e than 80% exhibitors from Italy, all the brands are" made in Europe "." pure Italy descent, " European manufacturing ", comprehensive attack although this is the first launch of Shanghai international footwear exhibition, but by virtue of its parent show high quality reputation and strong resources, received the application exhibitors from the start fluttering in a continuous line. In addition, the organizers set up a special quality audit committee, and strive to ensure that each registration enterprise and its exhibits meet the requirements of the exhibition design and quality. then, the exhibition will usher in nearly 300 companies more than 380 brands, display cheap foamposites size of 15000 square meters, covering the Shanghai exhibition center. Among them, more than 80% exhibitors from Italy. As the most dynamic market in the global footwear industry, China has become an important exporter that can not be ignored in Italy and even in europe. The growing purchasing power of the Chinese mainland has also enabled people to focus on the global market to find products with both quality and design. Some of the international brands that are "beyond reach" are coming to China through the Shanghai International Footwear Exhibition for the first time, including Baldinini, Giovanni, Fabiani, Giorgio, Fabiani, Franceschetti, DI)- NINA, SHOES, CEO, Ezra, Dabah, , cheap jordans for sale mens , , NINA, low and medium, and many years of development. In addition to women's shoes, home enterprises are involved in handbags, bridal belts, beads, shoes and children's shoes...... in 1953, Cuban immigrant brothers Mike and Stanley Silverstein made NINA shoes in the United States, named after Stanley's first female NINA. In the late 50s, NINA's shoes were sold by women,, Universe and Miss. in 2011, with great brand effectiveness and a large number of loyal brands, NINA officially made handbags and bridal beads in the city. NINA handbags, beauty products, evening supplies, second in the rankings. 2012, Ezra took over the NINA shoes, as CEO, the brand rises, there is cheap jordans online casual elements incorporated into the brand, "" NINA Original ", with" this is children's shoes, to get involved in the domain, greatly getting rich NINA's cosmetics. 2013, NINA's lead, and the bride shoes city "," super star Jennifer Lawrence, hand board, eighty-sixth Taiwan, the Oscar for best change -- "American Hustle", the shadow, in the world, a big ticket "female powder". walked for more than 60 years, and has been in vogue all over the world for more than 60 years. NINA, this is, through integration, agency, characteristics, etc., and station, media, source, to the public, live, sale, and use of global business, flat bottles, 360 degrees, vertical, sowing, to hold Retro jordans for sale up the brand, some. SUNCOO, charming and elegant, interest. So far, in the wedding, evening, evening, and other social events, NINA women's shoes have been sold in the city, and will continue to grow in other areas of the industry. what is the reason why the brand is so powerful and fascinating? What's more, she has so many brands coming out and smelling too much? Let me go together, NINA SHOES. In the late 50s, Miss Universe contestants wore NINA clogs. In, the, late, 1950s, all, the, Miss, Universe, contestants, were,, wearing, Nina's, wood-bottomed, pla:Launches bicycle brand B'TWIN decathlon's this TROLLEY bike trailer can securely mount on a bicycle, for foot dragging, ta Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping king into account the people cycling and walking two way to travel. This can accompany us green travel small tail, can also play a personal shopping cart in daily life. TROLLEY BIKE has a considerable load capacity, capacity of 45 liters, the maximum load of 25 kg, which makes many of the original trouble or heavy handling easier, but also means that it is very suitable as a shopping cart. TROLLEY BIKE adopts variable tread design, to meet the different needs of hiking and cycling. In hiking can be track set to 44 cm, dragged easy and flexible; when using bicycle dragged, track settings for 56 cm riding mode, increased stability. left and right respectively by riding mode and foot Cheap air jordan 12 ovo mode, can be clearly seen from two different track. the tow bar with a quick release function B'clip card connected to a bicycle, in addition is also provided with a safety belt, to avoid clamping seat loose caused the accident. Hoop fixed seat post using B'clip base, thus can be used in most bicycles.reportedly, under the initiative of the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce under the initiative of the promotion of the network economy, 8 footwear marketing electricity supplier Baotuan launched the establishment of Wenzhou Telecom integrity alliance. The 8 companies are the footwear brands, respectively, AOKANG, BGG, Le camenae, free me, soffen Gao, Gu shidun etc.. A cheap jordans for sale fter the establishment of the alliance, will fulfill the renewal of return, free mail period, never sell counterfeit products and other self-discipline agreement. This time, the alliance through Baotuan development, resource sharing strategy for the electricity supplier enterprises to reduce marketing costs, and will be launched from March 12th to March 18th in the Taobao gold coins special activities. It is learnt that, since then, the integrity of network operators will gradually expand to clothing, sanitary ware and other industries. "8 enterprises through joint activities, together with investment and advertising, marketing planning and plan the future together, sharing the w Retro jordans for sale arehousing and distribution channels, so as to minimize the single enterprise operating costs, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises." The city will promote the network economy business branch official said Luo Chuntai, now network marketing costs continue to push higher, therefore, through the formation of alliance forms, fully put all resources accumulated, can reduce the cost of marketing a good way. according to statistics, in 2010, the city administration of industry and Commerce handled 114 consumer disputes online, reaching 874 in 2011, and nearly 1 in February and 403 in the year. In the "3· 15" on the eve of the establishment of a good faith alliance, issued self-discipline convention, and make commitments to consumers, reflecting the sense of responsibility and self-discipline of Wenzhou network operators. (editor in chief: Qiu AI)There are three months in Brazil hosted the 2014 World Cup will start, this time of Nike, Puma and other well-known manufacturers have launched a movement for the event and to create special boots, Adidas was also recently announced a new Carnaval series, for its variety of football boots to create a new color design. In this carnival theme of the series, manufacturers were chose 11pro, adiZero F50, Nitrochange Predator, a total of four models of football shoes to transform, through the designer in the upper injection of rich design elements and color design, to create a carnival like music, set off for the upcoming World Cup warm-up boom. The whole series of upcoming brand's official website on sale, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. adidas-2014-spring-carnaval-pack-1.jpg (297.86 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-5 11:55 upload adidas-2014-spring-carnaval-pack-2.jpg (234.05 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-5 11:55 upload adidas-2014-spring-carnaval-pack-3.jpg (202.83 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-5 11:55 uploadUltra Boost has been called "the strongest running shoe in history" by Adidas, and the "pure white color" which has been personally exposed by "Hom Ye" is also amazing four. shoes overall to pure white rendering, and equipped with boost slow shock outsole, simple and neat, absolute explosion. it is reported that this paragraph will be officially landed in June 1st in North America stores. : Recently, Nike Air Force 1 ushered in a joint work with Riccardo Tisci, creating colorful colors on the classic AF1 shoes, giving a very special visual sense. In addition to the ordinary low, and high shoe type, there will be a joint work boots, the price is respectively: R.T x Nike Air Force Low $230 R.T x Nike 1 Air Force 1 Mid $260 R.T x Nike Air Force High $320 R.T x Nike 1 Air Force 1 Boot $340 ;

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